FDC establishes an experienced sourcing team for supporting the inner production and client services and focusing on supply chain, strategic sourcing, logistics, and initiative management. Our mission is to provide high-value products and services for our customers.

In China, there are more than ten thousands of fine chemical companies. Our expert sourcing team has built solid relationships with over 300 high-quality manufactures to support our inner productions, and we also provide our clients with the following services:

Timely and reliable chemical sourcing

We have developed a vendor database based upon the credibility rating of the vendors, and we also can provide on-site-survey to the suppliers to guarantee the timely and reliable chemical sourcing.

Technical support

We can act as a backup for chemical intermediates that require further purification.

Strict quality control system

We analyze every compound and reagent in our QC center to ensure the quality of products before sending to our customers.